Vol. 23 No. 1 (2023): Zaria Journal of Educational Studies (ZAJES)

This volume of ZAJES highlights quality education as essential for empowering Nigerians and driving national development. The research presented underscores that progress requires expanding access, improving infrastructure, raising teaching standards, and tailoring programming to diverse needs. Cultural barriers and systemic inequities must also be addressed. Strategic investments combined with student-centred, evidence-based reforms can help realize the full promise and potential of education in Nigeria. There is no time to waste in reimagining and revitalizing education as a national priority. By learning from the rigorous studies in this journal, we can cultivate the knowledge, skills, and opportunities that will propel Nigeria forward now and in the future. The work begins today, and ZAJES remains committed to illuminating the path ahead through impactful education research.





Published: 2023-07-31